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Tahlea Blunt | Photographer

“Tahlea Blunt Photography” did not just happen overnight. A lot has happened to me over the last 15 years, school, study, jobs, house, dog, husband, and three baby girls. In between all of this my little business has grown bigger than I ever imagined or intended. I never thought I would be a professional photographer but here I am, and I absolutely love it!

Slowly but surely my business has blossomed through word-of-mouth and referrals. No paid advertising which is something I take great pride in, I find that each new shoot inspires me and it drives me to enhance my craft.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone say how much they love the images I took of them. Walking away from a photoshoot knowing I made someone feel completely relaxed and then portraying that in imagery is the best feeling.

Taking photos has always come naturally to me. I remember, even as a child with a disposable camera, it was effortless. Then in high school I found myself drawn to the darkroom. The world looked so wonderful in black & white and the love affair began. I studied photography at TAFE straight out of high school just for fun and the fun never stopped.

My husband John has been my biggest supporter and encourager, allowing me to follow my passion over the years watching me juggle one or two jobs at a time to help support myself whist taking photos. I honestly can say this wouldn’t be possible without his love.

Over time I have learnt the greatest gift of all is love. We share unconditional love with our Grandparents, parents, children, friends, pets and partners. My goal is to capture that love, defining the most important moments of your life in beautiful images to remember for a life time.

P.s i hate looking at the camera too thanks nic @ living studio for the pics

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